This web site was conceived after encountering censorship on United Airline's Facebook page from  United's Social Media Team which I'm told is a big NO NO in the world of social media.  They've done it to me and they've done it to others as I've noticed that almost all my Comments and Posts that had important information for United's passengers like; bumped passengers are entitled to cash compensation, lengthy tarmac delay requirements, reimbursement of passengers’ expenses in cases where baggage has been lost, damaged or delayed were almost immediately deleted by United's Social Media Team.  I assume that United Airlines doesn't like the public to know they have rights thus a great deal of this web site will be dedicated to supplying the information United deleted.

United's Facebook page:
Censorship articles regarding United:

FROM:  The Red Tape Chronicles on
TITLE:  Pouring gas on a fire? Firms' deletion of online critiques draws 'censorship' cries
BY:  Bob Sullivan

PART OF THE ARTICLE:  United Airlines was accused of deleting comments in the wake of the "lost" 10-year-old incident, but it flatly denied the accusation to NBC News. 
Around the same time, United passenger Sarah Liddle told NBC News that her comments were deleted from United's Facebook page after she complained about poor service.
“United pulled my entire post from their page. No response from them, nothing inappropriate in my post and nothing offensive, (and they) didn't inform me why they removed it from their page," she said. "They just pulled the post. I was furious and still am."

September 14, 2012
United Airlines Loses Child

This YouTube video from SourceFed hosted by Elliott Morgan & Joe Bereta explains exactly what happened when United Airlines LOST a 10-year-old child in Chicago as she was traveling to camp in Traverse City, Michigan.

Click here if you want to watch this video on or learn more about SourceFed.

Click here if you'd like to check out some of the many  articles or media stories about how in 2012 it's possible for United Airlines to lose a child.

NOTE:  1 of the articles I've included contains the very detailed accounting of the incident by way of the letter that the parents wrote to United Airlines.

September 13, 2012
Censorship articles regarding United:

TITLE:  United Airlines "Loses" 10-Year-Old Girl, Enters Social Media Hell
BY:  Will Oremus

If the airline's Twitter feed was the target of a string of barbed one-liners, its Facebook page became more like a group-therapy session for victims of United's allegedly uncaring customer service. One user wrote, "I called the special needs desk about getting a flight for my disabled daughter and was talked to rudely and at one point the woman outright insulted my parenting!!" Another noticed that United was responding to the complaints not by addressing them, but by deleting them from its page.
But the biggest insult, from her point of view, was that the airline's social media team kept trying to milk its Olympics promotions. "Do not even begin to consider posting any adverse comments on United Airlines FB (page)! They just delete them and post purile (sic) advertising gimmicks," she wrote. (Even that comment appears to have been scrubbed from the page.) Angry Facebook users resorted to posting their grievances on unrelated posts in United's timeline, so that even its "Proud to Fly" quiz became a forum for anger.

September 13, 2012
Censorship articles regarding United:

FROM:  PR 20/20 - Public Relations & Marketing
TITLE:  Corporate Social Media Management
BY:  By Laura Pinter

Lately, a number of big brands are making headline news, and not necessarily for the right reasons. Social networks have become extremely powerful tools for business’ crisis communications, but one slip can cause immediate and sometimes irreversible brand damage.
Last week, Progressive Insurance (@Progressive) faced a great deal of social media backlash for their response to a customer’s criticism following the death of a policyholder. It wasn’t the complaint itself that gained attention; rather, it was Progressive’s response, which was deemed corporate, insensitive, robotic and tardy.
Similarly, United Airlines (@United) fell victim to an outpour of rage on social media after a young girl who was traveling alone got lost, allegedly due to lack of airline assistance. While Progressive’s tale was one of poor crisis communication, United tried to avoid the issue altogether by deleting related comments from its Facebook page.

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